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shaktivat kundalini



About Kundalini

Kundalini is from Sanskrit word which mean "coils". Basically every human being have Kundalini, mostly in its "sleeping mode" just like a coiling serpent, coiled three and a half at the perineum. Kundalini is well-known to Yogis or other eastern spiritual-walkers. Most Yogis focusing their effort to raise Kundalini, because in Yoga tradition it is believed that Kundalini power will bring them to get closer to "The Last Enlightment".

After Kundalini awakening, it can open chakra knots, clearing and developing all chakras untill its form "lotus flower". At that state the core of Kundalini will reach Crown Chakra, and for all spiritual-walkers it means that they had accomplish the highest achievement in their searching of the truth.

However, it is not so easy for everyone to attain that highest achievement, because actually it is so difficult to awaken Kundalini. For most people it is take quite long time to awaken his/her Kundalini, and it is also believed that only few people in this world has ability to awaken Kundalini of others. After awakened Kundalini usually still need years to clean, open up and fully develop a chakra.

With our techniques and by means of Master Suhandono's ability now it is so easy to fully awaken Kundalini from it's "sleeping mode". Our techniques are also simple and easy to learn and do not spend long time for Kundalini reach Crown Chakra.

Difference between Reiki and Kundalini

Reiki is Universal Energy from outside of our body, commonly called as Divine Energy. To become able to use Reiki someone need to get attunement first, while Kundalini comes from the body, so it needs shaktipat (energy transfer) from a master to be awakened. The both kind of energy will harmonize, synchronize, filling each other in order to help a practician in his/her searching for enlightment.



Self Shaktipat Kundalini

Please perform this simple guide :

Look at my photo for a few moment...
get relaxed, sit down with your palms facing up on your lap, saying this affirmation:

"I intend to awaken Kundalini by permission of God Almighty, awaken,
thank you thank you thank you"

complete this session for 10 minutes